Dutch Mini Half Up Style.. Well that’s a mouthful!

It’s true I couldn’t figure out what to call this style when I was creating the Youtube video a few months back. I could have gone a number of different ways but each one sounded more like a descriptive story than a short name.. so the Dutch Mini Half Up was born. You’ve probably seen me rock this over and over on my Insta videos as it’s one of the fastest ways to look put together for me. I find it a great alternative for greasy hair and the best part as you’ll notice is that I didn’t even finish my hair off with a hot styling tool. I actually slept with a loose three strand braid and it allowed for an easy beachy look. I know in this video I’ve mentioned mostly Kevin Murphy products which although I love, you can really only find them sold online through amazon and they are quite pricey. So I will put those links below along with a link for a similar product that you can find through Sephora.. ok? Ok! Enjoy the video and if you try it out and post a photo don’t forget to use the hashtag #emilyjudithbeauty so we can all see your beautiful versions!

Xoxo ,

Emily J

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Volumizing Powder~



Finishing Spray~



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