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As you might have guessed my name is Emily and I’d like to take a minute to share a little about myself. First off I am 30 years old and from a smaller town named Chilliwack just outside Vancouver Canada. I recently had the sweetest little baby named Talulla-Bloom with the man of my dreams whom I married twice in one year. Hold tight for an in-depth story on that journey however in the meantime I wanted to create this blog to share a passion of mine with all of you…

As a stylist with just a little over 11 years in the hair industry I would be a billionaire if I had a nickel for every client who sat in my chair, looked up with big puppy dog eyes as I finished their hair and said.. “what I wouldn’t do to take you home with me and have your hands work magic on my hair every morning”. Now as much as I love all of you, it’s an unfortunate thing that this is impossible. So… I wanted to create the next best option and offer you all of my knowledge and love for braids, babes, brows and beauty. I can’t wait to help you pick up the skills needed for fun wearable styles in your everyday life and I definitely look forward to growing my passion for hair, beauty, fashion, creative d.i.y. and teaching all I know along the way. Since having our babe I have grown a new passion and taken on the exciting career of microblading or otherwise known as semi permanent eyebrow tattooing. I adore helping women feel amazing about themselves and know brows can be such a point of frustration. For bookings check out the Babe Boutique section and follow the link. For everything else read on! I look forward to this new journey with you!


Emily Judith

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